5-Day Love Your Leadership Challenge from Jane McLeod & Sue Tetzlaff
Co-Founders of Capstone Leadership Solutions:

Learn 4 daily practices that will take you from REactive to PROactive Leadership in 5 Days

Bring CLARITY, CONSISTENCY & CONFIDENCE to your healthcare leadership!

The LIVE Challenge starts on July 10 at 3p EST

The Challenge starts in


"All small things together can lead to
great positive changes."

- Tish Wayne, OB Manager


Years of experience in the industry


Organization-wide employee & patient experience transformations


Leaders impacted through inspiring positive change in healthcare.

Is the 5-day Love
Your Leadership Challenge
 right for you? 

  • ​You have goals, and projects you want to lead yet, you feel unaccomplished and overwhelmed
  • You are feeling burned out and fatigued
  • ​The joy is being sucked out of your leadership

By the end of this 5-day journey, you will learn the 4 daily practices that move your leadership from REactive to PROactive.

When you join the Love Your Leadership Challenge, you will:

  • Learn simple daily tactics to engage your employees
  • ​Discover daily rituals & routines to prioritize your personal wellbeing
  • ​Uncover the impactful ways to provide in the moment feedback
  • Keep your employees up to date and in the know with daily communication tactics
  • ​and most importantly, LOVE YOUR LEADERSHIP again!

... And so much more.

How is the Challenge structured

Selecting Your Challenge Focus

[Introduction to daily intentional leadership practices]

We will walk you through selecting your Challenge Focus based on these three criteria points:

  • ​Support a Change
  • ​Hit a Target/Goal
  • ​Elevate Behaviors or Standards

Asking Questions

[Strengthening Relationships with employees through rounding]

Employee rounding is all about asking the RIGHT people the RIGHT questions. 

You will learn the 3 key questions to include in employee rounding -- and how to customize those questions to your challenge focus.


Giving Feedback

[Giving & Receiving Feedback with Compliments & Callouts]

Providing a meaningful, impactful, in-the-moment compliment or callout doesn't have to be hard -- but it does need to be specific. 

You will learn the 3 key points that will deliver powerful compliments and callouts that will elevate employee behavior and performance. 


Sharing Information

[Improving Communication with Daily Huddles]

WHAT information you are sharing with employees is just as important as HOW you are sharing that information. 

Learn how to deliver information to employees in a way that ensures 'message received'.


Elevating Your Resilience

[Promoting Wellbeing: Rituals & Routines for Personal Resilience]

Before you can care for others, you must first care for yourself. You cannot pour from an empty vessel. 

Be inspired and equipped to approach each day with resilience.




We will be celebrating your wins from the past 30-days as a result of your new daily habits.

And answering ALL your questions.


What People are saying
about the Challenge


"Practical tactics."

Practical tactics I can apply right now & see results.

- Greg O


"Great positive changes!"

All small things together can lead to great positive changes.

- Tish W


"Sharing of ideas."

Great sharing of ideas to approach various challenges we all face as leaders

- Kelly H

Meet Your Coaches

Jane McLeod and Sue Tetzlaff are the co-founders and principals of Capstone Leadership Solutions, a firm specializing in assisting healthcare leaders and their teams achieve extraordinary results while reconnecting to the pride, purpose, and joy of serving in the healthcare profession. 

Together, they co-authored the book, 

The Employee Experience: A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance

Curious about what organizations say
about working with us? 

"Achieving 3 key goals."

Working with Capstone has allowed us to work toward meeting 3 key organizational goals -- increase staff engagement, increase patient satisfaction, and increase quality scores.

Michelle Franklin
CEO, Sullivan County Community Hospital

"Winning is fun, losing sucks."

I can honestly say we would not be winning today without the assessment, planning, and execution support provided by Capstone.

Dan Rohrbach
CEO, Southwest Health

"5-Star Patient Satisfaction."

The [Capstone] Framework allows us to build a better organization, an employee engaged & employee-driven organization. 

Dave Smith
CEO, Grant Regional Health Center

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5-Day Challenge

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Bonus #1: Live Q&A Session

$147 (Value)

Bonus #2: Handouts & Resources

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Join 5-Day Love Your Leadership Challenge

Bring CLARITY, CONSISTENCY & CONFIDENCE to your healthcare leadership! 

Learn 4 daily practices that will take you from REactive to PROactive Leadership in 5 Days.

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