You won't get lectured on management topics & theories that you're not sure how to apply
You'll learn a METHOD that is the closest thing you'll ever find to a playbook for great leadership.

The next virtual 10-week Cohort starts
April 23 - July 2, 2024


"All small things together can lead to
great positive changes."

- Tish Wayne, OB Manager


Years of experience in the industry


Organization-wide employee & patient experience transformations


Leaders impacted through inspiring positive change in healthcare.

What People are saying about Us:


"Practical tactics."

Practical tactics I can apply right now & see results.

- Greg O


"Great positive changes!"

All small things together can lead to great positive changes.

- Tish W


"Sharing of ideas."

Great sharing of ideas to approach various challenges we all face as leaders

- Kelly H

When you say YES:

  • You will be guided to successfully adopt a proven, practical, and impactful METHOD for continually leading your team to better behaviors, performance, and results.
  • ​You'll know exactly where to put your focus and what actions to take each day, week, month, quarter, and annually to continually lead your people, projects, and goals forward.
  • ​You'll never think about leadership the same again. You'll never lead the same again. And, your team and results will never be the same again.

The Leadership Bundle Academy is for you if:

  • You lead people and are responsible for such things as performance feedback, hiring, improving morale and operations, and achieving goals
  • You are ​a new leader seeking to create a lasting foundation for successful leadership practice.
  • You are ​an experienced leader looking to further engage your employees and make faster progress on goals and projects.

If you are ready to up-level your leadership, then join us - become certified in the Capstone Leadership Bundle!

What you get when you become a
Leadership Bundle Academy member:

  • Lifetime access to the Leadership Bundle Academy content. Access to lessons and resources to solidify a bundle of proven, practical, and impactful leadership practices that make up Capstone’s time-tested and results-measured “leadership bundle.”
  • LIVE, Laser-Focused Group Coaching with a Capstone Expert Coach to go deeper on the material, answer questions, and remove any barriers to keep you moving forward.
  • Customizable templates to save you time from trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • Direct Access to our Team of Expert Coaches. During the 10-week program, we have a team of trusted coaches and industry experts ready to respond to your questions, give actionable feedback and keep your momentum going through our 1:1 On-Demand Coaching Feature in the Academy app.
  • BONUS training on Healthcare Fundamentals: These bonus modules are especially helpful for new leaders - but leaders with all experience levels will benefit from topics such as these: Finance and Growth, Quality, Safety, and High Reliability, Service Excellence, Transitioning into Leadership (aka "From Bestie to Boss"), and Elevating Your Leadership Over Time.
  • BONUS for Senior Leaders: Special instructions for how to modify the practices for effective use by senior leaders.
  • BONUS Done For You Resources to inspire and inform employees on your new way of leading (includes infographics and short informational videos between 2-5 minutes).​
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10-week Leadership Certification Course

$1,995 (Value)

Lifetime access to Academy resource center


Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

$580 (Value)

Bonus #1: Healthcare Fundamentals

$997 (Value)

Bonus #2: Customization for Senior Leaders

$147 (Value)

Bonus #3: Done For You Resources

$7,040 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,759


Meet Your Coaches

Jane McLeod and Sue Tetzlaff are the co-founders and principals of Capstone Leadership Solutions, a firm specializing in assisting healthcare leaders and their teams achieve extraordinary results while reconnecting to the pride, purpose, and joy of serving in the healthcare profession. 

Together, they co-authored the book, 

The Employee Experience: A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance

Curious about what organizations say
about working with us? 

"Achieving 3 key goals."

Working with Capstone has allowed us to work toward meeting 3 key organizational goals -- increase staff engagement, increase patient satisfaction, and increase quality scores.

Michelle Franklin
CEO, Sullivan County Community Hospital

"Winning is fun, losing sucks."

I can honestly say we would not be winning today without the assessment, planning, and execution support provided by Capstone.

Dan Rohrbach
CEO, Southwest Health

"5-Star Patient Satisfaction."

The [Capstone] Framework allows us to build a better organization, an employee engaged & employee-driven organization. 

Dave Smith
CEO, Grant Regional Health Center

If you LOVE the idea of having
HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP EXPERTS that are invested in your leadership success and
by your side through the entire 10-weeks

If you LOVE the idea of FINALLY having a LEADERSHIP PLAYBOOK that has been proven, time-and-time again, to help leaders move people higher and progress forward . . . FASTER!


Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is this for?

All healthcare leaders for all education & experience levels, in various leadership roles, can benefit from the use of the 9-core leadership practices.

 How long is the program?

10-weeks starting April 23 - July 2, 2024. 

 How is the content delivered?

Accessible via an online learning and remote coaching platform, participants will complete one module per week, for 10-weeks. Each module contains bite-sized lessons (short video and written resource materials) along with associated activities to process and practice (and ideally even implement) what is learned.

The 2-3 hours estimated to complete each module can be flexibly incorporated into a leader's schedule. Additionally, there will be weekly 1-hour LIVE virtual group coaching sessions scheduled throughout the 10-weeks.

 What is the time commitment?

This is estimated at 2-3 hours per week, but can vary by participant. The time commitment can be flexibly incorporated into a leader's schedule. The estimated 2-3 hours per week includes the estimated time to complete the suggested post-lesson activities.

 What support will I receive?

Within the Academy app, there is a "virtual community" in which participants can interact. As well, the app also contains a private channel that connects individual participants with the Capstone Coaching team for 1:1 questions & coaching.

Additionally, there are weekly scheduled LIVE group calls during the 10-weeks.

 How long do I have access to the Academy?

As we are known to say - we are friends for life. You have personal lifetime access to the Leadership Bundle Academy lessons & materials, including the BONUS content.

  Will I be able to start implementing the practices immediately?

With this training & coaching approach, each Academy member is equipped and inspired to start putting each tactic into place as part of solidifying the learning. We have found this is the best way to learn, retain . . . and ultimately, to achieve the targeted impact.

 How Do I Get Approval From My Boss (Organization)?

While any leader is welcome to self-fund their learning and career development by paying for fees such as this Academy registration, it is common that healthcare organizations will fund this registration fee. 

To secure support and funding from your employer, the process likely involves an internal request on your part. To help you in this process, we are providing this SAMPLE Letter to My Boss which includes Academy Overview. Your employer may require you to pay-up-front and then be reimbursed or they may provide a credit card payment or require to be invoiced. Please contact info@capstoneleadership.net if you are needing assistance with this process.

  What is the Guarantee?

If the Academy is not for you - we'll refund your money, 100%. We stand behind our "It's Not For Me Guarantee." 

After 12 years of teaching the Leadership Bundle practices to individual leaders, and entire organization's of them, and monitoring the impact on leader (and employee) satisfaction and department (and organizational) results, we stand by our 100% refund guarantee that the practices taught in the Academy will be useful in your leadership. 

If for any reason, after you've given the first eight modules a good go, you believe that "it's not for me" (meaning, the practices taught are not believed to be of value to you) we will refund the full registration fee if you submit a request in writing to info@capstoneleadership.net

 How Do I Get Approval From My Boss (Organization)?


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any point through the Academy you say "This just really isn't for me" we will guarantee you a 100% refund of your money!

Our Commitment to YOU

We will diligently prepare and deliver the content by leveraging our decades of leadership, training, and coaching experience.

We will thoughtfully challenge you with action assignments to practice, process, and apply what you have learned.

We will engage with you during the group coaching calls and/or in the Academy app to answer your questions and review your action assignments.

We will set you up for future success by connecting the dots as to how these practical solutions can be useful in a wide variety of contexts.

We are ready to inspire and equip you.

YOUR Commitment

I will prepare my time and space by blocking my schedule and designating a "distraction-free" learning environment to be fully engaged while working through the learning modules.

I will show up and engage in the LIVE group coaching calls.

I will keep a "can-do" and "coachable" attitude about the leadership solutions I am being challenged to put into place.

I will complete the action assignments to practice, process, and apply what I have learned.

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